We are a team of professionals engaged in the field of cyber security. This application’s main goal is to disseminate security and technology-related knowledge to anyone with an interest in these fields. You can escape cyber risks in today’s environment if you have sufficient knowledge about cyber security.

Cyber security is significant because it covers all aspects of safeguarding our data from online thieves who wish to steal it and exploit it for malicious purposes. This can include private information, intellectual property, protected health information, personally identifiable information (PII), government and business information, and sensitive data (PHI).

It is essential and in everyone’s best interest to have sophisticated cyber defense plans and methods in place to protect this data. Everyone in society depends on essential infrastructures, such as power plants, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. To keep our society functioning, we require these.

Cyber security breaches can result in identity theft and extortion attempts on an individual level, which can seriously harm that person’s life. Everybody depends on the security of their data and personal information. Our data may end up in the wrong hands if our information systems, networks, and infrastructures are not properly protected.

The same holds true for associations, corporations, governments, the armed forces, and other socially significant organizations. In data warehouses, on computers, and on other devices, they keep a tonne of data. Sensitive data is included in large quantities in this data. When this information is made public, it can often have a negative impact on customer confidence in brands, company competitiveness, individual reputations, and citizen trust in institutions.

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