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Effective data security, in the most obvious sense, ensures the safety of our financial assets, protects individual privacy, and ensures the integrity of our systems and infrastructure. However, in a broader and less direct sense, security is the critical first ingredient in our evolution as a global society.

Security threats are malicious acts committed with the intent of corrupting or stealing data or disrupting an organization’s systems or the entire organization. Enterprise IT must remain vigilant in protecting their data and networks as security threats evolve and become more sophisticated. To do so, they must first understand the types of security threats they face.

The top 50 information security threats that IT teams should be aware of are listed below.

  1. Account Takeover
  2. Advanced Persistent Threat
  3. Application Access Token
  4. Bill Fraud
  5. Business Invoice Fraud
  6. Brute Force Attack
  7. Compromised Credentials
  8. Credential Dumping
  9. Credential Reuse Attack
  10. Credential Stuffing
  11. Cloud Access Management
  12. Cloud Cryptomining
  13. Command and Control
  14. Cross-Site Scripting
  15. Cryptojacking Attack
  16. Data From Information Repositories
  17. DoS Attack
  18. DDoS Attack
  19. Disabling Security Tools
  20. DNS Amplification
  21. DNS Hijacking
  22. DNS Tunneling
  23. Drive-by Download Attack
  24. Host Redirection
  25. Insider Threat
  26. IoT Threats
  27. IoMT Threats
  28. Macro Viruses
  29. Malicious Powershell
  30. Man-in-the-Middle Attack
  31. Masquerade Attack
  32. Meltdown and Spectre Attack
  33. Network Sniffing
  34. Pass the Hash
  35. Phishing
  36. Phishing Payloads
  37. Ransomware
  38. Shadow IT
  39. SIM jacking
  40. Social Engineering Attack
  41. SQL Injection
  42. Spear Phishing
  43. Spyware
  44. System Misconfiguration
  45. Typosquatting
  46. Watering Hole Attack
  47. Web Session Cookie
  48. Whale Phishing
  49. Wire Attack
  50. Zero Day Exploit

All of these threats will be covered in future articles.

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